Friday , July 30 2021

the political situation is still blocked at Linkebeek

The search for a majority of signatures of support for prospective mayor Linkebeek has so far been in vain at Linkebeek. According to the Samen Ensemble LKB list led by Damien Thiéry, the consultation meeting held on Monday was fruitless.

On October 14, Link & Venir, led by Yves Ghequière, won seven out of fifteen board seats, LKB Damien Thiery five seats and Activ & # 39; three. Yves Ghequière did not have a signature to submit his presentation.

More than two weeks ago, Link @ venir sent candidates from two other lists of letters that should contain proposals.

Two days later, the bilingual Activ & # 39; showed that he did not approve a proposal to support Yves Ghequière's candidacy, for the same main reason: it was not a proposal for a majority constitution, but a request to approve the appointment of Yves Ghequière as bourgmestre.

The echo is the same as Ensemble LKB Samen.

"Confidence is currently below zero"

According to Damien Thiéry, a consultation meeting was held Monday night, on the initiative of the @ Link list, following the request from the Ensemble LKB Samen list. On Tuesday, he said he did not accept concrete proposals to consider joint work and the slightest hint for "restore current confidence below zero"

"It is clear that there is a request for support for the presentation of Mr. Ghequière went to the mayor's position, no concrete proposals were made to join one of the other 2 lists in an effort to overcome a situation that was never known in Linkebeek and whose entire responsibility lay in Link @ coming", commented on Tuesday Damien Thiéry.

He pointed out that after warning, at various times during the campaign, about the danger represented by the division of the majority in French, he had received orders that were unacceptable in every attempt to unite on the basis of violations of trust.

For Mr Thiéry, today appealed to the "democratic feeling" of newly elected city council members, "the invitation to try defectors from one of the two lists is a sad method that does not encourage building the trust necessary for healthy collaboration with Link @ coming ".

Together with Linkebeek Samen believes that the @ Link list will be revealed "Cannot ally behind one of the other two lists to get Linkebeek out of this real situation that he provoked himself".

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