Friday , June 18 2021

The sixth climate march on Thursday in Brussels: thousands of people were waiting in the streets

The process will begin at 10:30 from Gare du Nord.

Mostly,high school students, protesting for ambitious climate policies, will be able to rely on Thursday for the strengthening of higher education students expected in the massive streets of the capital. As in previous editions, police expect to see thousands of people. The procession will depart at 10:30 am from Gare du Nord to reach the Gare du Midi, where the youths will be scattered around 13:00.

Appointment takes place in Brussels for everyone
"Says Adelaide Charlie, French coordinator of the Youth for Climate movement.

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Last week, the main action took place in Leuven, where about 10,000 participants participated in the fifth mobilization of high school students. Decentralized actions are also taking place in other Flemish cities, as well as in Brussels, Liege, Mons and Arlon, among others.

The Climate Students of the Reinforcement

On Thursday, high school students are gearing up to swim the ranks of high school students at the invitation of Climate Students, a Facebook-based network, divided into smaller groups representing different student communities.

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If high school students call for ambitious climate policies, students want to think further. "
From next week, we will launch large student assemblies in university towns to create a major debate on the climate crisis and meet specific traffic requirements together.
Says Bakou Mertens, behind the network.

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