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This is the number Eden Hazar finally chose

The Red Devils

The Spanish daily Marca reports that the Captain of the Red Devils has chosen his number.

Eden, in all likelihood, should not have the old number of Cristiano Ronaldo, which is still shot by Mariano. according to
Mark, Hazard chose 23.

This choice is due to one of the passions of Hazard: NBA. The number of David Beckham's previous bearers was also Michael Jordan and LeBron James, two NBA stars.

In Real Madrid's dressing room, players sit next to those who have the neighbor numbers. So, if Eden really has 23, it must be between Isco (22) and Sebalos (24). A few days ago Eden Hazard appeared in the pictures in Real Madrid's dressing room. We see him sitting next to Isko, who is number 22.

More than to wait for the formalization to buy your shirt.

B. Pi.

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