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Thousands of fans and players celebrate the title in Genk (PHOTO)

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Genk Stadsplein was crowded on Friday night to celebrate the fourth Belgian title of Kenk. Not less than 8,000 fans managed to celebrate their heroes on the podium in front of the City Hall at 20:15.

Around 18.30, groups of supporters arrived at the Belgiek café. They could see the open bus of the champions, who was traveling quickly through the center of Genk. The flags were also on Mizery Square, the train station and the site. The rain did not calm the flame of the genes: umbrellas and blue-and-white hats were in the game.

Everywhere in the city you can hear the "Olele Champions" and "love you racing," especially when the bus was on parade. In the building of the municipality the fans formed an honorary post to accompany the champions at the entrance. When raindrops fell, Genk fans gathered at the site. Around 8:30 pm there were 8,000 supporters. Players first enjoyed a refreshing pint at City Hall, and City Mayor Wim Drew (CD & V) paid tribute to the whole team during their speech. Meanwhile, fans continue to sing in torrential rain on DJ's catchy rhythms on the podium.

At 8:15 pm Genk's fans were rewarded for a long wait. Under the great applause and the Bengal fires, their heroes stepped on the podium. Players climbed one by one on the podium to perform the show. Dieumerci Ndongola, by the way, showed once again all his talents in the atmosphere. The audience has been praised for coach Philip Clement, who is ready to see him at the club.

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