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Two non-on-duty police officers arrested a robber in Jumet


Charleroi Police Area and King's Attorney note a "act of courage",

Saturday, 4 in the afternoon. An individual enters the gas station shop on the way from Brussels to Jumet. It comes a few moments after a firearm points a customer and asks for money, threatening him.

Two young people, Eliza and Nicholas, are not far away. They were watching the scene after noticing that the man appeared armed. And as he tosses his weapon to escape, Eliza jumps on it, makes a throat and puts it on the ground. Nicola takes care of disarming his pistol, which was concealed in the waist.

Bad luck for the robber: the young men are actually two police officers from the Charleroi Police Area Intervention Service. Not used, not in uniform, not armed. But trained and ready to intervene.

" meThey called for reinforcements and a few minutes were enough for the GSA team

(Specialized Support Team)
get there and transfer the individual to make it available in the parkt
"says a spokesman for the Charleroi Police Area. " We would particularly like to emphasize the exemplary behavior of these two police officers, who have less than two years of service, who behaved with great coolness. They fully understood the fact that it was the call, not the profession of police officer, specially trained and trained to take appropriate measures, to intervene at any time and in all circumstances.p. "

The act of bravery of the two police officers, Inspector Eliza M. and Inspector Nikolai N., is emphasized by the King's police area and the prosecutor's office. Section 123 of the Integrated Police Act provides that


police officers contribute at all times and under all circumstances to the protection of citizens and the assistance that citizens have the right to expect

when circumstances require, for the observance of the law and the maintenance of public order.


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