Tuesday , June 22 2021

Two students in the hospital after overdose Justice and other facts News | The Daily

"This is a drug I did not know because it is not allowed in Canada," says Melissa Genere, director of public health for eastern municipalities. Of course, if a young person is addicted to it, it's because it comes from an illegal lab. This is the same effect as relaxing Xanax, which can lead to drowsiness, confusion, loss of consciousness and even breathing cessation. "

Young people felt this effect pretty. They had difficulty talking, sleepy and confused. The state of consciousness was changed. These are young people who have survived, but who need to be monitored and receive constant medical attention to make sure their condition does not get worse. In Montérégie one case has led to a cardiopreservation arrest. The man is saved, but still … ", says Dr. Geneu, adding that the young people were spelled out from the hospital.

"Any medicine, if you do not take it for the right reason – especially on the black market, the pusher will not give the right dose depending on our health or our condition, especially if we mix it with alcohol, sweat or other drugs, does not help us at all" , she continues.

Study in progress

In the past year, the public health team conducted an epidemiological study. "This is a small response to the opioid crisis in Canada and a fatal fentanyl death just over a year ago. Now that there is a case of severe overdose, we are told. This allowed us to have a better idea of ​​what is happening on the territory. Eventually, the site occupies less opiates than Xanax, the mixture of substances and even THC. "

Can such a drug create an addictive effect? – Yes, and Flubromazolam could create even greater dependence, as it is stronger. This is even worse, "says Dr. Généreux.

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