Monday , July 26 2021

[Vidéo] Yann Moix paid homage to Maggy Biskupski and talked about his regret

After the death of female police officer Maggy Biskupski, in front of whom he had made an anti-police statement on C8, Yann Moix expressed his regret.

Yann Moix's voice trembled a little, when he spoke on November 17 at The Terrans of Saturday, on C8. And for good reason, it was on the same ground that he was controversial at the end of September against Jean-Marie Godard, coming to present his book Police words, and Maggy Biskupski, a member of the Yvelines anti-crime squad, who was found dead at his home last week – a trail of suicide was favored.

His harsh words to the police, in the presence of these peacekeepers who led the association "Angry Police", shocked him. In particular, he said: "If you come here to say that the police are afraid, you know that the weakness of fuel is hatred: say that you are in your pants, when you do work that must take this fear into account …" He also targets the police who spend their time "Victims for the duration of TV shows"while they are "Favorite targets are poor and disadvantaged backgrounds".

"At times like this, silence and respect win"

November 17, the author made the mea culpa: "This is terrible, when you are angry with someone, (…) and you learn that someone you see, really, in front of you, so young, is not there anymore. You say that death is always wrong and still has the last word. His reaction might be late, misplaced or not enough, but he still tries to pay homage to the female police: "This woman [Maggy Biskupski] go away with his pain, with the mystery, with his fears, with his doubts, and if he is here today, maybe I'll talk to him more after the debate and I won't leave as soon as I did last time. At times like this, silence and respect win. "

As a reminder, the Minister of Home Affairs at the time, Gerard Collomb, had filed a complaint against Mr. Moix "For the harsh and defamatory statements he made against our police officers".

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