Thursday , July 29 2021

Volkswagen Golf 8 conceals (almost) more

You do not know that Volkswagen Golf 7 is retiring. It is replaced by a new generation of golf 8. If you follow us regularly, you also know that the new golf will not be presented in Frankfurt as originally planned, but a few weeks or months later at the event organized by Volkswagen. Finally, you also know that Golf 8 is an aesthetic evolution of Golf 7, the design of these two generations is very close. So far, Golf 8's style is unanimous. The car looks dull, but let's see what happens after all the car's disguise is removed,

Spy photo VW Golf 8
Spy photo VW Golf 8

Photographers have sent us a new series of pictures in which we can see that Golf 8 wisely rolls. This model is no longer a prototype. This is a pre-series car that has all the elements we'll find later in the Golf 8. However, even if the car looks "naked", there are still some additions to hide the shape of the front and rear lights. However, by increasing the photos and looking at them for a few seconds, it is very easy to see their outlines.

The model we present to you is probably not the most chic. It has small wheels and even covers that indicate that we are dealing with a model level. Of course, more stylish versions will be released by Volkswagen and it is obvious that they will be much more beautiful to watch. Later, the German manufacturer will release the terrible GTI and R, whose power will increase again. For the Volkswagen Golf R it is said that the box is a "Plus" declination and it will develop nearly 400 hp.


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