Sunday , September 26 2021

"We must always go faster!": A BPost employee denounces "the race to profitability" (video)

BPost workers have been on strike since last night. They denounce unsustainable working conditions. A company employee admitted at INFO RTL 19h. People who have worked for 18 years describe extraordinary speed.

What we will call Lou has decided to testify to the hidden face and modified voice. According to him, most employees fear losing their jobs if they speak.

"Whether in distribution or collection, we must always speed up the pace. This must always run faster. For example, in collections, agents must accelerate to be on time with their customers. If there is speeding, of course, it is the agent who must pay"Lou explained. According to him, staff must also face an increasing workload. He denounced "race for profitability to be unbearable".

"With GeoRoute, the tour has almost twice the size, so imagine how much it weighs, before the postman distributes everything from letter to letter. From the famous Georoute, we have been on tour for much longer, so we have more kilometers to do surplus."he explained.

"This is hell!"

Before adding: "We have the same time to send a package of clothes, which will take two seconds and won't be too heavy, just to send a microwave or bicycle".

When employees cannot provide their day, they will not be replaced, according to the interviewee. "There is a service where the officer is sick for reasons X or Y. And at that time, it was his colleagues who touched the tour and who had to do it extra. It often happened. At that time, there were overtime hours which were not always given to postman because there is a problem on this side. This must always be vigilant on his salary list. This is hell. "Lou said.

Depression, illness, neglect … According to workers, the company goes too far in a race to make a profit.

The strike at Bpost has begun

Therefore, strikes are established in bpost sorting centers throughout the country on Tuesday at 22:00. Actions, as a general united front, will last 24 hours and will be followed by other movements within the postal company.

For their part, the union and bpost management will resume negotiations on Thursday. Management hopes to reach a final agreement "in the next few days", so that services can proceed normally. "We understand that there are concerns in the company and we want to pay attention, but the impact of the strike is important for our customers and citizens"said CEO Koen Van Gerven. "It is therefore important that we continue to negotiate to reach a good agreement for all partners, a positive agreement for our employees and our customers."

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