Sunday , July 25 2021

We will have to review Neufchateau: read our live (Neufchateau)

Governor Olivier Schmitz announced that the municipal elections on 14 October 208 had been declared void and that it would therefore be necessary to reconsider the Neufchat.

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As expected, the new municipal elections will be held in Neufchatto. We recall that the Neufchateau vote was not confirmed as it was the subject of litigation following a suspicion of fraud involving proxies, mainly at the Le Clos des Seigneurs, managed by CPAS Neufchâteau. Following these suspicions, the prosecution filed an investigation file that led to charges against 21 people, including several relatives of Dimitri Fourni.

The governor had to decide on the validation of the election or the declaration of nullity. The results of October 2018 were tightened as the list of Dimitri Funni's Agar Ensemble with 2363 votes won 10 of the 19 seats and Eve Eurdard's list of "Pour Vous" had 2117 votes and 8 seats while " Third Path "had 602 seats.

Dimitri Oureni has already announced that he will be a candidate for elective porch on his Facebook page. "For the rest I will show my innocence and that of my relatives.

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