Sunday , June 20 2021

What happens between Gotaga and Twic's rivals for the Apex legends? Jbzz team has been replaced

This is the theme that ignites the mood: what happens between Gottha and Tvich's opponents about Apex's legends? That's all we know!

What are Twitch's opponents?

What's happening?

Tight from Gotaga, earlier this evening, told us he would not be attending Apex Legends's Twitch rivalry tournament. He described this as a pass on the part of Twitch and let him seem to be quite disappointed with this non-invitation.

On the French side, Shaunz, Jbzz and MrBboy45 had to compete in the $ 200,000 race. However, Schoenz wrote that he had contacted Twitch to be replaced by Gotaga. He justifies this by believing that the French monster is "more legal than him" to participate in the tournament.

The fact that he had complained that he was not invited would force the American members of Twitch's team to fire the French team who was already invited, and the French are entitled to a slot for this first event of Apex Legends. Jbzz, MrBboy45 and Shaunz, then correctly responds to this action taken by Twitch. Yet they all state that it is not God's fault and that they do not mind him.

MrBboy45 outraged this decision with three tweets showing his disappointment:

Jbzz is disappointed but still has fun, everything is in his favor:

One of the things that was decisive in their decision to make way for Gotaga and SRMS is the fact that the individual cases of the community have made the three bands responsible for the error of Tvich. However, an agreement was found between Twitch and the French team, which was withdrawn from the tournament.

Agreement between Twitch, MrBboy45 and Jbzz?

At first, he refused to put aside his friends, explaining that he did not want to be the culprit for disqualifying them.

Ellis, who works for Gotaga Corp., decided to contact Twitch to find a solution to this problem. Then, Gotaga announced that MrBboy45 would find a deal with Twitch and would participate in Twitch's next rival with his own team. Jbzz should usually be in the same position.

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