Saturday , July 31 2021

WhatsApp limits messaging to fight against "infox"

In July, WhatsApp created precautions in India, including limiting the number of users to send a message to. The company also publishes newspaper ads to raise public awareness of fake news.

The decision came after sharp criticism from the Indian government after angry mobs killed at least 25 people in one year due to rumors spread on WhatsApp in a country with 200 million active users a month.

WhatsApp has indicated that it has decided to extend this measure to all its users after having received the user's opinion for six months.

"From today, all users of the latest version of WhatsApp can only share a message to five people or groups of people at once," the company said in a statement. Earlier the user could share a message twenty times.

"We will continue to listen to users' opinions, and over time we will look for new ways to respond to the contents of the virus," the statement said.

The discovery of infox on this platform is particularly difficult: conversations, personal or group, are encrypted and private and sometimes take too long to reach the authorities.

Founded in 2009 and acquired by Facebook in 2014, WhatsApp pointed out at the start of 2018 that more than 1.5 billion users exchanged 65 billion messages a day.

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