Thursday , June 17 2021

WWDC: Apple's annual event will be held on June 3

According to information reported by PhoneArena, Apple will hold its annual conference on June 3.

Our colleagues from PhoneArena are trying to figure out when the next apple conference will be held. Traditionally, the Californian group blocked the first or second Monday of June for their event.

Checking the agenda of the center that is expected to host WWDC this year, McAnery Congress Center, PhoneArena concluded that an event is already scheduled for June 10 – suggesting that Apple will block its June 3 lecture.

The site of the Cultural Affairs Office in San Jose confirms this hearing by publishing an event organized personally by Brian Murphy, the same organization that organizes all the key notes of the apple. On June 6, San Jose will host an event called "Team San Jose 2019 WWDC," a training that will follow WWDC.

In practice, this would mean Apple will launch its annual event on June 3.

As usual, you will need to make sure you get your ticket, and developers will be given a limited number of entries.

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