Wednesday , July 28 2021

Yellow vest: around 400 pumps in lack of fuel (video)

Eabout a third of Walloon's service stations, around 400 pumps, face a fuel shortage on Tuesday due to a blockage of oil deposits by the yellow vest movement. "However, the situation can change from hour to hour, depending on refilling and releasing infrastructure"Said Olivier Neirynck, technical director of the Federation of Belgian Fuel Retailers (Brafco).

The evolution of the situation is difficult to anticipate because the release of some deposits is sometimes only temporary, added Olivier Neirynck. According to reports, the protesters returned to Wandre Tuesday afternoon after leaving the scene in the morning.

Alternative in case of severe deficiency

"For now, we are trying to focus on dialogue to make demonstrators aware of certain realities, including fuel needs for emergency response services.He added.

However, Brafco has alternatives in cases of severe shortages, such as the ability to guard trucks for filling or releasing strategic shares. "But this is an extreme solution that is irrelevant", The sign of Olivier Neirynck.

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