Friday , September 24 2021

2018 Income Tax: Federal Revenue releases the 6th lot demand this week

2018 Income Tax: Federal Revenue releases consultations to lot 6 this week. The Internal Revenue Service will release this Friday, 9 9 am, consulting the sixth refund of Individual Income Tax (IRPF) 2018 (2017 base year). Verification can be done through the site or Received 146. Money will be available for withdrawal on the 16th. Credit will be made to the account indicated by the taxpayer in an annual adjustment statement.

This is the second round of refunds from the 2018 IRPF will also reflect on the remaining cash refund for 2008 to 2017. The last lot will be released in December.

This time, credit will benefit 1,142,680 taxpayers, totaling more than $ 1.9 billion. Of this amount, R $ 206,822,287.22 will be paid to the elderly and disabled, with 4,554 citizens over 80, 35,235 between 60 and 79, 4,750 with some physical or mental disabilities or serious illness, and 18,750 people with the highest income sources is the Magisterium.

The money will be corrected by the base interest rate. In the case of refunds for 2018, the correction will be 4.16% (Selik variation from May to November this year). The oldest returns, referring to 2008, will be corrected at 106.28% (corrections applied from May 2008 to November this year). Check below:

If money is not in the account

If the person is included in this lot, but the money is not credited to the account indicated by it, you need to find an agent of Bank of Brazil (BB) or contact the agency's service center by telephone 4004-0001 (capital), 0800-729-0001 ( other locations) and 0800-729-0088 (special telephone for those who only have hearing loss).

In this case, interested parties can schedule a checking account or savings account, in their name, at any other bank.

One year to be taken back

Refunds will be available at the bank for one year. If the taxpayer does not make redemption within that period, he must request a return via the internet, by filling in the Electronic Form – Requesting Payment for Restitution, or directly at e-CAC, in the DIRPF Processing Extract service.

Which is not included in many ways

The last regular refund will be released in December (with cash credit on the 17th). After that, the Internal Revenue Service will continue to release many leftovers, from those that have fallen into fine nets. If you want to anticipate, you can immediately check your situation.

In the request to the IRS page, in the e-CAC service, you can access the extract statement and see if there is inconsistency in the information identified by processing. In this case, interested parties can arrange the situation, by giving an IRPF rectifier statement.

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