Wednesday , May 18 2022

A dead body on the way to Tijuca School will be buried on Sunday


This Sunday will be the funeral of 18-year-old student Gabriel Pereira Alves, who died Friday morning after being hit by a homeless bullet at a bus stop in Tijuca, Rio's North Zone. The funeral will be at 3:30 p.m. at the Cashew Penitentiary Cemetery.

Gabriel waited for the bus to go to the Herbert de Susa Public School in Rio Comprido, North Zone, where he was in sophomore year. The young man lived in Moro to Borrell, also in Tijuca. In addition to studying, he watches a computer course in the afternoon and trains three nights a night at Olaria, a club in the North Zone. The boy won his first title in mid-July after seven years, playing in the low categories of various clubs.

This Saturday, Fabrizio Moreira Alves, Gabriel's father, was at the Legal Medical Institute (IML) to free his son's body. Shocked, he criticizes the government's talk of Wilson Witzel on security.

– This is our country's negligence. Our manager is superb … He had to know that this was not a video game to throw a bomb there and the innocent would live. In my opinion, the message he gives is frightening. That you have to go up (in the favela) and do just that. The community is nothing to him. Are they all guilty? Don't you think about other people's children? It's sad when I hear the governor say that his dream is to be president of Brazil if he can't care for the state of Rio. I speak as a man who lost his son. And tomorrow or later you will interview another parent here.

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