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About Us | The region registers another death from influenza A and deaths increase to 3 in Comcam

The community of municipalities in the Campo Mourão area has a warning signal related to influenza (influenza) cases. The newsletter, published Wednesday (22) by the Parana Ministry of Health, points to another A-influenza death in the region, increasing to three deaths caused by the disease this year. This time, death is registered in the city of Juranda, the victim is 69 years old. is within the recommended vaccine risk group.

Other deaths were recorded last week in Campina da Lagoa and Moreira Sales, whose victims are 36 and 44 years old. So far, the 11th Regional Health Survey of Campo Mourão has registered 4 confirmed cases of influenza A in Comcam, such as Campina da Lagoa (1); Campo Mourão (1); Juranda (1); and Moreira Sales (1). "The moment is of great concern," warns the regional epidemiological health surveillance nurse, Evandra Cristina Pereira. The National Influenza Vaccination Campaign began on April 10 and runs until May 31.

In Comcam, the total vaccinating population is 111 723 people. The campaign has so far reached 82.14% of the target audience, which equals 91,769 people. The vaccine coverage of a group is as follows: children (81.85%); health workers (81.44%); pregnant women (72.59%); women after birth (101.80%); elderly people (88.96%); teachers (80.51%); and people with concomitant diseases (71.19%).

Evandra points out that the group of teachers has the lowest coverage in the municipalities. In some cities, the percentage of vaccination in the group does not reach 50%. The same situation happens in the group of people with concomitant illnesses. "We are very concerned about the situation. Those in risk groups who have not yet been vaccinated are looking for a healthcare facility and are vaccinated as soon as possible, "said the nurse, commenting that the approaching winter is leading to an increase in the number of cases of influenza.

The risk groups for the vaccine are children aged 6 months to 6 years; pregnant women during each gestational period; women after birth (women up to 45 days after birth); health workers; teachers from the public and private networks; elderly people over 60 years of age; local populations, chronic patients; and the prison population.

The flu vaccine is safe and reduces complications that can progress to severe illnesses, hospitalizations and death. Currently, the balance of the influenza vaccination campaign in Parana shows that 69.19% of the target audience is immunized.

Symptoms of the disease include high fever (over 38 °), muscle pain, sore throat, headache and cough. When influenza is suspected, seek medical assessment as soon as possible and start treatment with a specific antiviral. Man never has to be killed.

The situation in Parana

According to the newsletter released today by the State Department of Health, Parana has so far recorded 109 cases of influenza A with 31 deaths. Last week the bulletin had 74 confirmed serious cases of influenza with 22 deaths.

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