Tuesday , September 21 2021

After one and a half years, the relationship between Rebeca Abravanel and the filmmaker ended – 11/07/2018

Not surprisingly, Rebeca Abravanel is more loose and even the "xavecando" participant of "Roda Roda": she is single.

It ended after more than a year of relations between him and filmmaker Marcelo Brennand.

The two were first seen together in March last year in an "official" marriage to Patricia Abravanel and Congressman Fábio Faria.

However, in recent months the relationship has cooled.

Rebeca Bird Abravanel is 37 years old and is called "nº 5 daughter" of Silvio Santos.

He has been married twice, with Leonardo Cid Ferreira (2004-2009) and later with Guilherme Mussi (2015-2016).


Rebeca Abravanel "xaveca" participant "Jequiti Wheel"

With Patricia pregnant, Silvio Santos is learning to place Rebecca on Sunday

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