Wednesday , July 28 2021

After the decisions, the Corinthians work to determine deviations and arrivals of up to seven players

Komar and André

Mosquitoes and Andr Lus are two of the names that will be discussed by the board in the coming days

Daniel Augusto Jr. / Ag. Corinthians

The Corinthian Board of Directors will enjoy the rest in the marathon of the decisions to reorganize the cast. Since the beginning of the year there have been eight killings in three different races. Last on Wednesday night, guaranteed place in the last 16 of the Brazilian Cup.

At least seven definitions should occur in the next few days, between arrivals and departures of the current number. Not to mention the return of busy players who monitor carefully and accurately the redistribution.

As far as arriving, the board has to confirm Everaldo and Matthew JesusIn connection with the first one, basically, is to wait for the termination of the enemy tie with Fluminense (mid-May). For the wheel, there are financial differences with agents and clubs, as Jonas Urso, the flyer, revealed last Monday.

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As far as exits are concerned, the Corinthians will have more work to do. thiaguinho the interests of the West, but Carril needs to assess the release of the young flyer. In the same way it will happen to him Angelo Araos, which is not used enough by the coach.

Andrew Lewis in the interest of Red Bull Bragantino is that through its president Marquinhos Chedid she announced the contraction of the striker. The player, however, assured the leaders of Timamo that he intends to stay and fight for the space between the satellites of the position.

already Gustavo SilvaThe mosquito has the possibility of a Villa Nova settlement, but still without definition. The club announced the social networking loan agreement on Wednesday. The Corinthians did not like the attitude because the hammer was not yet beaten. Posts have been deleted in minutes.

Sergio Diazwho continues to train without a chance to play is another who can leave. The Council of the Corinthians will also have to resolve this situation.

As the players manage to relax with the temporary edge of the forest, the leaders and Fábio Carille work outside the field to leave the team for the season.

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