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Agenda (07): Athletics in the 100m Finals and more swimming medals are the focus of the fourth | Pan American Games


Tuesday reserved one of the most anticipated disputes of the entire race: the finals of the 100m race, with the presence of two Brazilians, Paulo Andre and Rodrigo Nashimento. The day also brings important swimming events, such as the men's 200m freestyle, as well as the semi-finals and the final of table tennis, with Hugo Calderano and Bruna Takahashi in attendance.

Olympic wrestling and volleyball make their debut, while fencing represents the presence of Brazil's World Champion Natalie Moelhussen. I also watch horse racing, with the definition of medals and the Olympic wave in horse racing.

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Wednesday will be a very golden day for Brazil, but for many of them, the country is not exactly a favorite, but a candidate. Therefore, the projection is three gold and eleven medals in total.

In athletics, Darlani Romani is a weightlifting favorite. In the 100m race, Paulo Andre and Rodrigo Nashimento are listed for the medal but have at least five in the match. In women, Victoria runs for the podium in an Olympic champion race.

In swimming, Brazil's biggest chance of gold is the 200m freestyle with Fernando Schaefer, who can even double with Brenna Korea, but the Americans are fine too. In the women's 200m, Manuel Lirio and Larissa fight for the podium, but Americans are favorites. The 200m backstroke of Leo Deus stands a chance, but Americans are the favorites. The battle will be good, as will the 100-meter butterfly, where five are candidates for gold, including Vinicius Lanza. Mixed free 4x100m will fight for gold with the US, with your beloved Americans.

In fencing, current world champion Natalie Moelhusen appears as a sword favorite, but there are two very strong Americans in the dispute. There is an updated team in Brazil's male sword. In equestrian sports, Brazil and the United States will fight point by point for the team title and at the same time the competitors will compete for the individual title. The Americans are favorites in both cases, but Brazil comes with a chance in both races.

In the Greco-Roman duel, Joilson is the favorite to win bronze while Angelo fights from the outside. In cycling, Magno Nazareth is a candidate but not a favorite on the podium.

4:10 pm – Decathlon – 110m hurdles – Jefferson de Carvalho Santos
4:40 pm – Heptalon – 100m hurdles – Vanessa Chefer Spinola
14:45 – Decathlon – Discussion – Jefferson de Carvalho Santos
17:15 – Heptalon – high heels – Vanessa Chefer Spinola
17h35 – Final – Debt Jump – Alexandro de Melo and Paulo Sergio Oliveira
18h35 – Decathlon – Vault of the Poles – Jefferson de Carvalho Santos
18h40 – Final – 100m – Victoria Rose
18h52 – Final – 100m – Rodrigo Nashimento and Paulo Andre
19:50 – Final Shot – Darlan Romani
8:00 pm – Heptalon – Shot put – Vanessa Chefer Spinola
20:35 – Qualifying – Throwing Jewelin – Jefferson de Carvalho Santos
9:20 pm – Heptalon – 200m – Vanessa Chefer Spinola
21h40 – Men's Decathlon – 1500m – Jefferson de Carvalho Santos

Women's Basketball (SporTV 3)

23h – Brazil v Puerto Rico (second round)

13h30 – Individual Time Trial – Magno Nazaret and Rodrigo do Nascimento

11am First Stage, Individual Sword – Natalie Moelhussen and Amanda Simeado
12:40 pm – Men's First Phase One Saber – Bruno Peckelman & Enzo Bergamo
2:10 pm – Circle of 16 individual women's swords
15:15 Octave Men's Final Sword
4:20 pm – Quarterfinals Individual Women's Sword
4:50 PM – Men's Individual Quarterfinals
6:00 pm – Men's Sword Semifinals and Ladies' Individual Sword
19:10 – Final for a sword for women and men's swords

12h – Second Round Individual and Team – Pedro Venis, Eduardo Menezes, Rodrigo Lambre and Marlon Zanoteli
16h- Individual and Team Finals – Pedro Venis, Eduardo Menezes, Rodrigo Lambre and Marlon Zanoteli

Olympic Games (SporTV 3)

12h – Playoffs and Semifinals – Greco-Roman Wrestling – Joilson Junior (67kg) and Angelo Moreira (77kg)
18h30 – Finals and bronze spores

11h – Elimination – 4 No Lightweight – Renato Cataldo, Emanuel Borges, Marcos Oscar and Vangelis Reinke
11:10 am – Elimination – Simple Skiff – Milena Matthias Viana
11h30- Elimination – Two without – Pau Vela Maggi and Xavier Vela Maggi
11:40 a.m. – Elimination – Men – Quadruple Scythian – Uncas Tales, Lucas Vertein, Evaldo Becker and Ailson Heraclitus
11h50 – Knockout – Lightweight Single Scythian – Vanessa Kotzi
12h10 – Knockout – Quadruple Scythian – Dayan Paceco dos Santos, Luana Gonzalves, Milena Matthias Viana and Yanka Brito
12:20 – Elimination – Men – Eight Seconds – Willian Jaarton, Gabriel Campos, Fabio Moreira, Aleph Fontura, Paul Vela Maggie, Xavier Vela Maggie, Emanuel Borges, Renato Cataldo and Mauricio de Abreu
12:30 pm – Semifinals 1 & 2 – Men – Single Scythian

Playoffs from 1pm
200m Freestyle – Larisa Oliveira and Manuel Lirio
200m Freestyle – Breno Korea and Fernando Schaefer
100m butterfly – Giovanni Diamante and Dinarara de Paula
100m Butterfly – Vinicius Lanza
200 m ago – Fernando de Goi
200 meters back – Brancon Almeida and Leonardo de Deus
4×100 m relay mixed for free – Brazil

Finals 22:30 (if eligible)
200m Freestyle – Larisa Oliveira and Manuel Lirio
200m Freestyle – Breno Korea and Fernando Schaefer
100m Butterfly – Giovanni Diamante and Dinar De Paul
100m Butterfly – Vinicius Lanza
200 m ago – Fernando de Goi
200 meters back – Brancon Almeida and Leonardo de Deus
4×100 m relay mixed for free – Brazil

Table Tennis (SporTV 3)

13:00 – Bruna Takahashi (BRA) vs. Adriana Diaz (PRC) – Semifinals
3:00 pm – Hugo Calderano (BRA) vs Eugene Wang (CAN) – Semifinals

8:00 pm – Gold match for women
21:15 – Men's Gold Match

13h – Regatta in all classes – no medal definition yet
Men's Kite Formula Bruno Lobo
Bruno Fontes Men's Laser Standard
Male sunfish Matthew Delagnello
Men's sniper Rafael Martins
Mixed – Flash – Claudio Bierac, Gunnar Ficker and Isabelle Ficker
Male – 49er – Marco Grael and Gabriel Borges
RS Male Brenno Francioli
Male Nakra 17 Samuel Albrecht
Gabriella Kid's Ladies Radial Laser
Women sniper Julianne Duke
Ladies 49er FX Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze
Wife – RS: X – Patrícia Freitas
Ladies' Nakra 17 – Gabriela Nicolino

Women's Volleyball (SporTV 2)

15: 00-Brazil x Puerto Rico (1st round)

10h30 – Men's Recruiting Standings – Bernardo Oliveira, Marcelo Silva & Marcus Vinicius D & # 39; Almeida
10:30 am – Female classification of the compound – Gisele Meletti
13:30 – Classification of men's compounds – Bruno Brasaroto
13h30- Female recursion classification – Ane Marcelle dos Santos, Graziela Paulino dos Santos and Ana Luiz Caetano
16h30 Quarterfinals & Semifinals – Recurvo Team – Bernardo Oliveira, Marcelo Silva & Marcus Vinicius & # 39; Almeida
17h30 – Quarterfinals and semi-finals – Recurve team – Ana Louise Caetano, Ana Marcel dos Santos and Gracia Paulino dos Santos

Volleyball for women
5:00 pm – USA x Argentina (1st round)

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