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Amazon countries lose a seven-year dispute with Amazon on the Internet – May 17, 2019 – Panel S.A.

The Amazon countries represented by ACTO lost the dispute for more than seven years against Amazon with the dominant ".amazon" on the Internet.

Icann, the global organization that defines web addresses and numbers, has issued a final decision in favor of the US retailer on Friday (17).

"The board finds acceptable the Amazon proposal of April 17, 2019, and therefore instructs ICANN's President and Chief Executive Officer to proceed with the .AMAZON application processing," he said.

Called a top-level domain, .amazon (similar to ".com", ".org" or ".shop", for example). was the subject of a dispute between the company and the eight South American countries that shared Amazon.

On the one hand, the company defends the commercial interest in linking the domain to its brand on the Internet. With this, he will have the power to create, for example, an address called "".

ACTO, on the other hand, advocated a common model of name management to ensure the cultural sovereignty of peoples in the regions. But the influence, according to Itamaraty, was also commercial.

"We may even agree that Amazon will not want to use" " [açaí], but there is any semantic area associated with tourism. "" means what? Does this seem to be the company or official site of the Amazon region? Our industry will be disadvantaged, "said Ambassador Achil Saluar Neto, one of the officials responsible for articulation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a recent interview with sheet,

In recent weeks, Amazon has pressed Icann for a definition.

This Friday's decision states that the US retailer is committed not to harm the ACS countries.

"The Board thanked ACTO, ACTO member countries and the Amazon Corporation for their time and efforts to reach a mutually acceptable solution on this issue," he said.

Icann sets out some requirements for the company. For example, it can not use terms that have an initial and recognized meaning for the Amazon region's culture and heritage, and it also has to publish an open public interest meeting for 30-day proposals.

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