Tuesday , March 21 2023

AMD shares are up 16% since the launch of Epyc Rome processors


Reports that Google and Twitter will use processors have raised investor optimism

The actions of the US hardware manufacturer AMD has grown by 16% since the arrival of the next generation of processors Epic of Rome to the market. The revelation that both Google how much giggle The use of AMD's new server processors in their datacenters has also greatly increased investor enthusiasm.

"AMD has made a big leap forward in the data center with the launch of its second-generation processor and the Epyc platform. This is a leap forward than I expected."
Patrick Moorhead, Moors Insights & Strategy Analyst

Last Thursday, AMD shares closed at $ 33.92, up 84% from early 2019, according to the site. I tweak the city, much of this evaluation of the company is due to the success of the architecture Day 2, which is the basis of the recent AMD Ryzen 3000 series of processors.

"AMD has won very little, in single digits, with the first-generation Epyc, but I hope the company earns much more value with the second-generation Epyc with CSPs, companies and HPC. Corporations do not use any first-generation products that happened with the first-generation Epyc, but they will buy the second-generation Epyc. "
Patrick Moorhead, Moors Insights & Strategy Analyst

The announcement of Navi and RX 5700 graphics cards with the new RDNA microarchitecture has also added a wave of optimism to the company. GPU launches come with the RX 5700XT and RX 5700XT 50th Anniversary Edition for slightly higher prices.

"Now we always take the top-level metrics carefully (they are easy to manipulate), but we have to say that AMD and its + 0.80% came out with everything to tell a good story yesterday; Especially noting that Intel has revealed new delays in 10nm servers, yesterday's announcements are likely to maintain AMD control of the server for now. "
Stacy Rasgon, analyst at Bernstein

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