Saturday , December 5 2020

Ana Maria Braga gives "advice on poverty" and is blown up on the Internet

Anna Maria Braga

Credit: Play / TV GloboAnna Maria Braga caused controversy by giving advice on how to save – even more – the use of cooking gas

Anna Maria Braga was sharply criticized by internet users who accompanied Mais Voc to Glow on Wednesday, 21. The reason? The host presented a report on how to save gas for cooking.

Some followers, however, accuse the famous of "teaching the poor to be even poorer" during a crisis.

For most of society, the focus of history must be to charge tax cuts and the current value of cooking gas instead of learning to save a key element in the kitchen.

Critics on duty have yet to say that Anna Maria says she lives in good financial condition and does not need to be interested in this type of economy at home.

gas cooking report plus you globe

Credit: Play / TV GloboSavings report on the use of cooking gas in "More You" by Globo

Check the impact of the case below:

BORIS MUÑOZ on Twitter

MoreVoce More impressive than cookies or paste with gas, the Brazilian is forced to turn around and invent these gambayers, and with the huge amount of natural gas and oil the country has, the government exploits people at prices that are ridiculously expensive https: / / /

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Scream on Twitter

#You teach the poor how to be poor with the tops of poverty in crisis.

Julia Lakerda on Twitter

And the theft of the gas price is even worse than the mafia "militia" ? #MoreVoce

celinearaujo ?? on Twitter

# Another program that shows you how to save gas. Hello?. They have to challenge the absurd value of the bottle, yes. It was as if the housewife was really interested in such a thing.

Anna Maria Braga confuses, exchanges names and entertains Louro Jose

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