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And the technological highlights of the past week have been …


As our priority is the quality of information that reaches our readers, we have selected several articles published over the past week that reflect the most relevant things in the Pplware technology world.

We talked about the official arrival of the Xiaomi Mi A3 in Portugal, with the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10, I tried out the new DJI OSMO Action and many more.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Xiaomi Mi A3, DJI OSMO Action

Xiaomi Mi A3 is the brand's new smartphone that is part of Google's Android One program. That is, in addition to the Pure Android-based UI, not Xiaomi's MIUI, it still has two years of guaranteed major Android updates.

Now that Xiaomi is on the national market stronger, here is the brand announcing the official launch of the Mi A3 in our country.

Android One Xiaomi Mi A3 officially arrives in Portugal

The new smartwatch from South Korean technology, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 has just been officially announced. Even before the introduction of the new Note10, the company has already made a known 2nd iteration of this product. Now more colorful in two sizes, plus a Super AMOLED screen.

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is even more capable and ready for 2019!

Samsung Galaxy Watch2 Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

DJI announced on May 15 its new action camera, DJI OSMO Action. It is marketed as a direct competitor of the GoPro HERO 7 Black. On the other hand, the company known for its drones is marketing a compact 4K (Ultra-HD) high-quality 60fps (fps) action-packed recording device. Can you beat GoPro?

As we will see at a glance, this camera has trumps that can make a difference.

Light, camera ... DJI OSMO Action - First impressions

Elephone already has another A6 on the market, the A6 Mini, also a low-cost offering. Now you have just launched the Elephone A6 Max, the focus of which is obviously its large screen, but there are more.

Come find out all about this new smartphone and learn how to have a free smartphone.

The Elephone A6 Max arrives with 4 + 64 GB, NFC and a large screen for under € 130

With the start of the 2019 Formula One World Cup season, he also returned his official game: F1 2019 from the Codemasters.

Year after year, the routine is the same. However, this year the Codemasters decided to release the game earlier, before the typical summer break. Check out our F1 2019 verdict in the case of Xbox One!

Can this year's edition support the turnover?

Preview: F1 2019 (Xbox One)

The Huawei Mate 30 generation is expected to be officially unveiled at the end of 2019. Specifically between October and November, there will be at least two new smartphones. However, we do not know if we will both use the Android operating system as the base, or whether someone will choose Hongmeng OS.

However, tensions between China and the US are far from calming, and this brings us new doubts.

Huawei Mate 30 Android Hongmeng OS

The tram market is strong, although supply is still low. In addition, heat engines are not exactly outdated, given the innovative technologies that support them with evolution and modernization. In this sense, Hyundai relies on a well-known but not widely used concept. We will probably see a car with a roof hatch charging system soon.

This eco-friendly technology will provide additional electrical power to the vehicles as well as increase fuel efficiency and range.

Hyundai Hybrid with solar panels resembling electric ones

Within hours of the launch of Unpacked 2019, South Korean technology announced its latest 7 nm lithography processor and process Extremely Ultra Violet (EUV). It is called Exynos 9825 and will no doubt be used in the new Samsung Galaxy Note10.

It brings together the latest technological advances and promises a whole new level of fulfillment!

Exynos 9825 Samsung Galaxy Note10

Oukitel recently announced the launch of a new smartphone, the Oukitel C17 Pro. This is a smartphone that presents itself as a starter model with an infinite screen but with a camera.

The Oukitel C17 Pro is now officially available for pre-sale and the brand still offers 3 smartphones.

The Oukitel C17 Pro, the Android Triple Camera Smartphone with a large screen (perforated) is here

Samsung is focusing on creating the top smartphones with its two well-defined development lines. While on the one hand we have the Galaxy S focused on the most active users, on the other we have the Note ready for productivity and work.

After knowing the S10 in its variants, now comes the new Samsung Galaxy Note. This time everything changes and the Note10 doesn't come alone. It carries the Note10 +, with obvious differences, but again focused on performance.

Note10 Note10 + Samsung S Pen Performance

Huawei has just announced its new operating system! HarmonyOS was first announced as an Android competitor, but the company says it will be more than that. This micro-scanner-based system can be adapted to smartphones, smart speakers, wearables and even car systems.

Huawei HarmonyOS will launch as an open source platform worldwide to promote its adoption.

It's official! HarmonyOS, Huawei's new operating system has arrived

This is one of the biggest unknowns at the moment. While Apple's smartphones have so far kept a strict naming code, we may have surprises by 2019. Incidentally, the number changes from year to year and adds an "s" to highlight the bar, but since 2017, the Apple iPhone has been expanding the universe of iOS.

From the iPhone 4, 5, 6 and 4s, 5s and 6s, the naming scheme consistency was unmistakable.

Apple iPhone 11 iOS Pro Smartphones

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