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Anvisa has banned a batch of a vaccine produced by an Indian company | Science and health

In a resolution published in the Official Journal this Friday (17), the National Agency for Sanitary Control (Anvisa) bans many vaccines from the Indian company Biologicals E. Limited.

According to the Official Journal, the vaccine is of a pentagonal liquid type and has 'received an unsatisfactory result in the aspect test'. The company specializes in the production of cheap vaccines.

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"Analysis of the appearance" is the analysis of the regulatory body which checks the color, smell and characteristics of the product packaging.

The pentagonal vaccine, as the name implies, protects the patient from five diseases: diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, bacteria haemophilus influenza type B (responsible for nasal and throat infections) and hepatitis B. Children should take three doses of the vaccine at 2, 4 and 6 months of age.

In a note sent to G1The Ministry of Health stated that "the batch that was forbidden by Anvisa was not distributed, given the disapproval of the quality analysis by the National Institute for Quality Control of Health (INCQS)."

The note also states that the company's vaccines were acquired five years ago and no problems have been presented so far: "From 2014, the company acquires the company's immunobiological (dual adult and five-year vaccine) vaccines, all distributions being made until then other approved lots during the quality analysis. "

The forbidden lot is number 220105317B. Seeking from G1 Friday, Biologicals E. Limited did not comment on the latest update of this report.

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