Friday , August 19 2022

Attention! Computer security for Windows drivers


Windows depends on many components, from the hardware to the programs that use it. All are essential and all are the basis for some of what is used.

Some of these elements combine everything and are the bridge between the whole structure. Here, drivers take on a unique and decisive role. A recent discovery ruins its quality. They are vulnerable and can access areas of Windows while compromising the security of any computer.

Computer Driver Security Hardware for Windows

Failure In Security Of Computer Hardware Drivers

The discovery is recent and has brought to the public a reality that no one knew about. Many third-party drivers are vulnerable and can be used to access Windows security zones. This is a major drawback and leaves users and their data vulnerable.

In total, there are 40 drivers from 20 manufacturers who are identified and vulnerable. This extensive list includes manufacturers from various hardware and even BIOS areas of many computers. This list is expected to be much larger, with some manufacturers just about to release their updates.

Eclypsium has discovered that these deficiencies can give access to Windows protected areas. With the privilege escalation achieved, it is possible to execute code and access user data. It is also possible to install malware that is later exploited. Everything seems to be the result of poorly written code and lack of control.

Computer Security Driver For Windows

All versions of Windows are exposed to this problem.

This problem is undoubtedly the larger of the two factors also revealed. First, drivers do not only communicate between the OS and the hardware. They are also responsible for updating the firmware on many devices and can thus be compromised.

On the other hand, it is mainly a matter of trust. All of these drivers are signed and trusted by Microsoft. This certainly gives them a guarantee of quality that doesn't actually exist.

This is a problem that is present in all versions of Windows. The only solution is to find and update the drivers on your computer. All the affected tags should be correcting this issue soon.

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