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In Amadeu's debut, Vitória defeats Paraná and leaves the Series B Z-4

Photo: Romildo de Jesus / Ag. Haack / Bahia News

With Carlos Amadeu in charge of Vitoria, the Lion defeated Parana 2-0 on Saturday (10) in Baradao for the 15th round of Serie B to Brasileiro. The goals of the Red and Black team were scored by Jordi Cajezio and Wesley. The result instantly took the Bahian Z-4 team from the national competition, which rose to 16th place with 14 points.

However, the lion can still return in the last four groups after the round is over. The next appointment of the team, led by Carlos Amadeu, will be before the CRB, on Sunday (18), at 4 pm, at King Pele.

The game

Vitoria's first good arrival came at 3. Wesley opened to the left for Felipe Gedos, his T-shirt 10 cut to his right and filled his leg, but goalkeeper Tiago Rodriguez matched. At age 5, rookie Carlos Amadeu was forced to make his first shift. Chikinho felt a tingle in the back thigh muscle and had to be replaced by Capa. Parana answered 13. Gilherme Santos dropped the ball and cut low, the ball deflected into the center of Vitoria and left pure for Ramon to kick hard and force Martin Rodriguez to make a great save.

Leo opened the score at 25. Capa passed, Parana's defender deflected, and the ball fell on the feet of Jordi Cayesio, who dominated and kicked across the door. Vitoria increased to 39. Anselmo Ramon stole the ball from the left, cut off the defender and crossed, Wesley appeared surprised and headed nicely, goalkeeper Thiago Rodriguez defended, but the shirt 11 caught the rebound and just hit the bottom of the ball. networks.

Second time

With a good lead in the first game, the Lion slowed down in the second half. The home side were startled at 15. Gedos executed a low free kick and the ball hit the net outside. Three minutes later, Gedos scored a beautiful ball into Jordi Cayesio, the Ecuadorian tried to take from Tiago Rodriguez, but the goalkeeper went well from the goal and defended himself.

At 28 Vitoria made a wonderful play with Capa and Anselmo Ramon, the ball came to the left with a free kick that went low and the defender went away. In the rebound, Leo lost the opportunity to score. Parana arrived with danger in the next game. Rodrigo Porto put a good shot to the right and passed to Alison, the striker steered and the ball went with danger from Martin Rodriguez's door. In the 46th, Matthew Roche filled his feet and goalkeeper Tiago Rodriguez leveled, Eron took the rebound and sent for a cover, but the ball hit the beam.

Vitória x Paraná
Series B – Round 15

place: Barradão in El Salvador
date: 08/10/2019 (Saturday)
timetable: 19h
the referee: Marcelo de Lima Henrique (RJ)
assistants: Silbert Faria Siquim (RJ) and Carlos Anrique Alves de Lima Philho (RJ)
Yellow cards: Matthew Rocha and Eron (Vitoria) / Gilherme Santos (Paraná)
Objectives: Geordie Kaysico and Wesley (Vitoria)

victory: Martin Rodriguez; Matthew Roche; Ramon, Everton Senna and Chikinho (cover); Baraka, Lucas Candido and Felipe Gedos (Gabriel Bispo); Wesley, Anselmo Ramon (Jeron) and Jordi Kaikedo. technically: Carlos Amadeu.

Parana: Thiago Rodriguez; Leo Prince, Eduardo Bauerman, Rodolfo and Gilherme Santos; Luis Otavio (Luan), Fernando Neto, Joao Pedro, Rodrigo Porto and Cayo Monteiro (Aleson); Ramon (Rafael Furtado). technically: Matthew Costa.

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