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Beto Ricca is arrested by operational integration

Former Governor Beto Richa (PSDB) this is the goal, on Friday (25), of a pre-trial detention order. According to federal justice, Tucan was arrested at home in Curitiba at about 7 o'clock in the morning. The counter Dirceu Pupo FerreiraHe was arrested and a trustworthy businessman from the Richa family. Both are under the supervision of the Federal Police and have seized mobile phones to collect evidence for the investigation. Richcha denied the irregularities (see full note below).

Richie's arrest was requested by the Federal Ministry of Justice (MPF) and provided by the deputy federal judge, Paulo Sergio Ribeiro, within the Operational integration, which is the deployment of Lava Jet
The operation investigates a corruption scheme involving a concession on Parana highways. According to the investigations, Richa would be a beneficiary of at least $ 2.7 million.

Here is a summary of the case:

Order details

The request of the MPF justifies the need to detain Riccia and the accountant to ensure public and economic order and, moreover, for the convenience of criminal proceedings.

In the petition, the MPF clarifies the facts surrounding the investigation, which suggests Richa and Ferreira. The text says it Nelson Lial, former director of the Parana Road Area (DER-PR)provided information on the former manager's involvement in the Corruption Scheme Investigated in the Integration. Leal Júnior signed a MFA award agreement, which has already been approved by the Federal District Court of the 4th Region (TRF-4).

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According to the calculations, concessionaires could take advantage of contract additions and omissions in the check, against payment of a fee. Money, according to the MPF, served as the personal enrichment of the investigated.

Property purchase

Also, according to the request for justice, three properties would be acquired to wash the illegal resources obtained from Beto Riccia, one at Balneário Camboriú in Santa Catarina, and two in Curitiba. Ferreira, according to the MPF, is the operator responsible for conducting transactions receiving "large sums of money". The properties are in the name of Ocaporã Administradora de Bens, which officially belongs to the former first lady Fernanda Richa and two children of the couple, Marcello and Andre Richa,

According to the MPF, the e-mails presented during the investigation exchanged between Fernanda Richa and Dirceu Pupo Ferreira confirm that the former governor had the last word about Ocaporã's activity related to the purchase and sale of real estate.

In the request for arrest, the MPF highlights Ferreira's attempt to impede justice. He would meet a witness to persuade her to "change the truth" about the facts about Rich's family heritage.

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Previous prison

In September, the former governor was already arrested, but in Operation Patrol
of the State Public Ministry. In this case, the facts investigated refer to possible fraud in the Patrulha do Campo program, designed to protect rural roads in the country.

The former governor and the woman, Fernanda, when they went to testify in GaecoAlexander Mazzo / People's Daily

The Radio Patrol also temporarily arrested people close to the former governor, including Fernanda Richa and Tuka Riche's brother Tuka. They were released a few days later as a result of a minister's decision Guilmar Mendes, the Federal High Court (STF).

Deonilson Roldo, former head of Richa's headquarters, was also the subject of the Special Action Group on Combating Organized Crime (Gaeco), the MPPR, but was arrested by another operation – the pilot. In this case, the investigation is based on a scheme that would favor Odebrecht in the PR-323 works competition.

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Other side

For G1 Parana, the defense of Beto Riccia sent a note:

"1 – The facts that led to the former governor's arrest are ancient. All due clarifications have been duly provided by him without leaving any doubt as to the regularity of all the acts practiced in the exercise of his functions.

2 – More than that. These facts have already been used before in the ruling on the safeguards issued against the former governor. It should be noted that the Federal Supreme Court, in adopting those measures, acknowledges the manifest illegality of the arrest warrant issued.

3 – The arrest demanded by the federal prosecutor's office is challenging the decision of the Federal Supreme Court with the obvious purpose of disregarding the Supreme Court's rulings on this matter.

4 – In addition, the request is based on the findings of MFA, supported exclusively by false and untrue data provided in the award of co-operation of recognized criminals.

5 – In summary, the arrest is based on facts that have been completely rehearsed, without any evidence, and on which the Federal Court has already ruled in the sense that they do not justify the arrest warrant.

6 – The defense believes that the judiciary will return the arrest warrant, which does not meet any of the prerequisites required by the law".

Mostly, Gazeta to Povo awaits the return of Dirceu Pupo Ferreira's lawyer.

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