Monday , October 18 2021

Blue Company launches a new tariff freezing service for 48 hours


Blue Area launches its new Frozen Fare service this Tuesday (06). The novelty will guarantee the found ticket price for up to 48h.

"Air travelers know that airline tickets are very dynamic and often vary constantly. So, thinking of providing more flexibility and peace of mind to clients who need to be programmed before they actually pay for the ticket, we launched Frozen Blue Fare, "says Anrique Baronet Mathias, Azul's services manager.

son Sergio Moraes / Reuters

"This service guarantees the value of prices found at a very affordable price and can be of great benefit to those who find good prices."

To guarantee this flexibility at the date of ticket purchase, the user pays R $ 30.00 per person for domestic travel and R $ 75.00 per person for international flights.

One of the basic rules for using the service is the deadline. The frozen fare is valid for domestic flights up to seven days before the travel date and 30 days in advance for international flights.

With information from Azul


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