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Bolsonaro vetoed part of the project that amnestyed party fines

President Jair Bolsonaro sanctioned this Friday (May 17, 2019) a bill approved by Congress to amnesty the fines. However, he vetoed the Anistas regarding the return, collection or transfer to the Treasury of the donations made by civil servants who perform a function or position for which they were appointed.

This is the entire Law 13.831 / 2017 which amends Law 9.096 / 1995, which aims to guarantee the autonomy of political parties to determine the mandate of the members of their permanent or temporary party bodies; and makes other arrangements.

In a note (entirely), the government says the veto has occurred because the proposal was "Disparity in the current fiscal framework", as this would result in a denial of revenue flowing from it.

"In addition, the rules of Article 113 of the ADCT and Article 114 of the LDO, and there is no assessment of the exemption stemming from this amnesty in the process, with a detailed calculation of how the relevant source of compensation has been reached"– says the note.

The veto was sent to the National Congress, which will be analyzed by MPs and Senators who have the right to maintain or remove it.

The government is facing a serious public-sector problem that needs even unforeseen circumstances, that is, to block part of the budget of several ministries. Among them, the Ministry of Education, which blocks funds from federal universities, has prompted protests across the country against curbing university passages.

The passage is a veto in the bill that regulates the length of the mandates of party leaders. The draft law was approved by the Congress on April 25th.


Part of the sanctioned project establishes:

  • women: parties that have not complied with the campaign to promote women's campaigns but use the money to fund nominations in the 2018 elections and also allow countries that still have resources from previous years to use the money by 2020;
  • accountability: for municipal authorities that have not moved resources or collected assets valued in cash, the alternate exempts them from filing exemption, debit and federal tax credits and accounts to the IRS;
  • Cadin: in all Electoral Court decisions to prepare accounts, even those rejected, partisan leaders can not be registered in Cadiz (Cadastro Informativo de Credits, which is not deprived of organs and federal entities);
  • Civil and criminal liability: the text defines subjective civil and criminal liability. They should only reach the head of the body at that time, not preventing current leaders from receiving funds from the Partisan Fund;
  • Bank account: the text stipulates that the national leadership of the Party will be obliged to open a bank account exclusively for the movement of the Party Fund and the application of the minimum means to encourage the participation of women;
  • Temporary directories:the provisional authorities of the parties may continue for a maximum of 8 years, and the legends will have the autonomy to determine the mandate of the members of the bodies, whether permanent or temporary.

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