Saturday , July 31 2021

Bolsonarro warns about penile amputations in Brazil due to lack of soap and water

Following a visit to the Education Ministry (MEC) on Thursday, President Jair Bolsonaro revealed he presented the portfolio manager with a set of ideas. According to Bolsonarro, Minister Abraham Weintraub was responsible for assessing which of his ideas "are good or not". The president has not clarified whether the topic will be on the list of proposals to the Minister of Education, but revealed that he is worried about what he calls a "worrying" report on penile amputations in Brazil due to lack of hygiene.

Bolsonaro continued to address the issue of amputations, criticizing, together with the Minister for Education, the ideological burden of teaching provided by schools related to the movement of unemployed rural workers. Weintraub defends the cuts in public funds in MST schools, and Bolsonaro questions the quality of ideological education run by the movement. After the MIC Chief's talks, the president asked the microphone to "complete" Weintraub with memories of military school teachings.

"It is very important to add the Minister here. Day after day we get older and learn things, do not we? I realized that after some men went to the bathroom, they occupied only the bathroom to make the number 1 (urinating) in the booked room. What about this guy? I knew and slowly realized and talked to the health care professionals, in the military we teach ourselves to brush our teeth, and the boy who provides compulsory military service and other things. And this was a worrying fact when it comes to hygiene: in Brazil we still have a thousand penis amputations per year due to lack of soap and water, "added Bolsonaro.

For the agent, "when you get to that point, you see that we are really at the bottom of the well and you have to find a way out of it by helping people."

-Indicating them, really showing what they have to do, what is good for them is good for their future and avoid coming to this point funny, sad for us, that amount of amputations we have for a year.

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