Friday , August 19 2022

Burger King launches a job selection process in the metropolitan area


Fast food company Burger King has launched a new selection process aimed at hiring a professional to work at Lauro de Freitas, in the El Salvador Metropolitan Region (RMS). According to information published by the selection and selection agency, interested parties may apply this Monday (12).

Also according to HR, the position currently available is for the position of Restaurant Coordinator, who should develop the following activities: Coordinate products, people and equipment; Opening, closing and calculating cash; Controlling daily profitability; Food safety control; Sales Planning x Structure and implementation and customer interaction.

In order to apply, you must have a college or university degree and management experience.

The company does not consider the value of the salary, but points out that it provides the benefits of: Medical assistance; Fitness assistance; Variable remuneration program; cafe; Vouchers for life insurance and transportation.

Understand that the main ingredient in your success comes from the diversity of your people. The company points out that it constantly invests in attracting and developing an inclusive culture within its team and, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, race, ethnicity, religion or disability, everyone is welcome in the company.


Interested in meeting the requirements and wishing to be part of the Burger King staff, they can apply by registering for the training program at Vaga.Com, a site responsible for recruitment and selection.

About Burger King

Burger King of Brazil is a franchise master of Burger King Corporation in the country. Her brand has been here since 2004 when she opened her first restaurant at Shopping Ibirapuera, but in 2011, after Burger King Corporation was acquired by 3G Capital, we started our own business here in the country through a joint venture between Vinci Partners and 3G Capital.

It has grown a lot since 2011 and their numbers prove it. Burger is a company that had some employees in São Paulo in mid-2011, distributed among 17 points of sale. Today we have over 10,000 talents distributed in 26 Brazilian countries and have reached more than 600 points of sale by the end of 2016.

The company believes that its most valuable asset is our people. That is why we rely on the careers of our employees, with the goal of enhancing the owner's vision of those who, with us, believe in the Big Dream: to be the most enjoyable dining experience. To support this dream, we focus on four pillars: being the most profitable, favorite fast food brand with talented people and a strong national presence.

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