Monday , October 18 2021

Business man opens Manoel polls and talks about "negotiating salary" for Corinthian persistence


Manoel Euphus

Manoel towers with a goal against Palmeiras, from Brasileiro, in the Corinthians Arena

Danilo Fernandez / My Timo

The author of the Corinthians' only goal in the last derby, Manoel has an uncertain future for next year. Borrowed from Cruzeiro by the end of this season, the quarterback has not yet been asked by Alvinegros leaders to discuss a possible stay at the club.

Asked about the topic, the manager of the athlete Neko Cirne commented on the situation and stressed that Manoel's desire is to stay in Corinthians for a longer time.

"Both Duilio (Monteiro Alves, Corinthians football director), and Wilson (football manager) always tell me good things about Manoel. We haven't talked about his contract yet. Manoel is linked to Cruzeiro, but his desire is to stay in Corinthians. This is where he feels well and has developed a lot, "he said in an interview with Lance!,

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Given the defender's good phase, the businessman also revealed that he had received surveys from other Brazilian teams. A member of Fabio Carril do Gil's team, Manoel has 31 games played and three goals scored with Corinth's shirt in 2019.

"I have received inquiries from other clubs. Manoel was approached by a Rio de Janeiro team last week. We still cannot determine anything, we will wait until the end of the year. It would be normal for him to return to Cruzeiro and fulfill his contract. However, the desire is to stay in the Corinthians, "he said.

Niko Cirno also stressed that it would not be a problem for the player to negotiate and even reduce his salary claim for renewal with the São Jorge Club.

"Manoel has a salary that was made in 2014. At that time, Cruzeiro made a very good deal for him. He still has a very good salary, especially for a quarterback. We know that things are different for a number of reasons. There will be no problem in negotiating these values, "he concluded.

For the sector, Timao's coach relies on defenders Gil, Anrique, Bruno Mendes and the young Joao Victor – likely Leo Santos to be reinstated in the group.

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