Monday , October 18 2021

Caixa releases R $ 500 withdrawal from FGTS in September; see the calendar


It's official now. The Federal Savings Bank (CEF) has released a schedule for withdrawal from the Working Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS). Withdrawals of $ 500 start on September 13th for those who have a savings account in Caixa and on October 18th for those who are not the account holder.

According to the government, the government can withdraw from any FGTS accounts it has, whether they are active accounts (current employment) or inactive accounts (past jobs).

For example, if a worker has two accounts, one with a balance of $ 2,000 and one with $ 3,000, he or she can withdraw $ 500 from each. If you have $ 70 in your account, you can withdraw the full amount.

The government has informed that whoever has a savings account in Caixa, the deposit will be made automatically. Account holders who do not wish to withdraw the amounts must inform the bank – they will have until April 30, 2020 to request a loan repayment or transfer the amount to another financial institution.

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An employee who holds a citizen card can be drawn at ATMs. Cash withdrawals under 100 R can be done at lottery houses, with ID card and CPF number.

It is important to remember that the withdrawing employee will continue to be entitled to full reimbursement of the FGTS in the event of unfair dismissal, in addition to a 40% fine on the total amount.

The government estimates that the release of robberies reaches 96 million workers. There are currently 260 million active and inactive FGTS accounts. Of that total, about 211 million (80%) have a balance of up to $ 500.

The government sector estimates that 23 million people will be able to pay off their debts with withdrawals of up to $ 500. According to the Economic Policy Secretariat of the Ministry of Economy, 37.3% of people with a negative name have debts under $ 500.

How to consult the available amount of your FGTS?

The consultation can be done without leaving your home through the Caixa website. To do this, simply register your password with a NIS or PIS number. These numbers can be found on the Citizen Card, Work Card, FGTS printed statement or on the My INSS website.

After entering the number, just click "register password", fill in the details and log in to access your account. The site will then display information about all FGTS accounts that the employee has ever owned. You can also view already downloaded accounts (in the "full statement").

You can ask the same password using the FGTS app, available for Android or iOS phones. You can also sign up (on the website or app) to receive SMS or email information every month. It is also possible to request the information through a printed declaration received every two months at the employee's place of residence.

Another way to consult is to go to a Caixa branch and submit official documents such as an ID card, CPF or work card.

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