Tuesday , July 27 2021

Campello said that Brant spun against Vasco and ironically: "Eternal Candidate"

Just like every Monday (November 19), the Holy Match is a must-have. And the Basque subject dominates this program. Special guest Benjamin Back, President Alexandre Campello talked about the club's situation and bounced Julio Brant, the candidate who lost the last election and who participated by telephone.

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After being accused of being ignored by Brant, Campello answered the charge. According to him, football is always ahead of everything at São Januário and even in times of disadvantage, attitude always helps athletes:

"Julio Brant said that I lost myself, not what the players said." I put my face. I am always up front assuming everything, in defeat or victory. I blame anyone. I accept everything. The fact is that he always cheated on Vasco has been bad, has posted. Who is he doing politics. Why doesn't he serve as his advisor? by Vasco.see if my Twitter has a post, "shot Campello, who continued to finish:

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"The fact is that he always cheered Vasco badly, posted, who is political? I talked about politics when I was provoked, that was not what we saw from the eternal candidate, Julio Brant."

When contacted by telephone, Brant did not forgive the agent's criticism. He returned to the issue of the last election, when Campello decided which union was set up to compete and, when won, become president of the club. For Julio, the top top only thinks of politics and leaves football to the side:

"I'm worried that the president is worried about politics and not football. He accumulated VP of football, talked about politics all the time, he didn't talk about football, he always fled to the political side. He is the most responsible for the chaos that Vasco lives and blames others. Di Julio, on the council, in the opposition, at the enemy, was judged. Never the culprit is him, "said Brant, who finished:

"I want to make a proposal, the club he describes seems to be Barcelona, ​​Manchester City, the club is very good, the next program we discuss in fact or Campello is false. he is ugly, I am not talking anymore, I am back, it is very embarrassing for Vasco's story that he has to go through a campaign, not to keep Eurico manipulating you, "he said.

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Photo credit: Rafael Ribeiro / Vasco

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