Tuesday , July 27 2021

Can you ask for music? Facebook accepts three privacy processes in one day

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In this way Mark Zuckerberg will order music on fantasticThe social networking giant was affected by just one day of three investigative processes about its privacy practices.

An investigation was first conducted by Irish data protection authorities, which found breaking hundreds of millions of Facebook and Instagram user passwords stored on their servers. The company will be shaped by the European Data Protection Act (GDPR), which could result in fines of up to 4% of its annual global revenue for the infringement year – which will give several billion reactors.

The second lawsuit is from Canada, where authorities have confirmed that the giant of social networks has violated its rigorous confidentiality laws. Canada's personal data commissioner said he plans to accept Facebook at the federal court to force the company to correct its "serious violations" of the Canadian Privacy Act. The findings were made after the Cambridge analytics scandal, which affected more than 600,000 local citizens.

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Finally, Facebook was affected by its third investigation – this time in the United States – by New York's chief prosecutor, Letitia James. The Head of State Law examines the recent "unauthorized collection" of the 1.5 million user email addresses Facebook used to profiling but accidentally retrieved their contact lists.

Facebook spokesperson Jay Nancarrow said the company was "in contact with New York's Chief Prosecutor's Office and responded to his questions on this issue."

Source: Tech Crunch

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