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Corinthians win five classics in Pacambubu; Santos had 12 players on the pitch

The girls from the Corinthians beat Santos in Pacambubu

The girls from the Corinthians beat Santos in Pacambubu

Bruno Teixeira / Divulgao / Corinthians

The Corinthians, even as a visitor, felt at home at Pacambu Stadium and defeated Santos 3: 2 in the classic game Wednesday afternoon for the sixth round of the Paulista Championship. So Timoio maintains a 100% achievement across the country!

The goals of Corinth were marked by Giovanna Krivelari, Adriana and Gabi Nunes.

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The collision has put the two best female teams in the country today: Santos leads Brazil into the category, while the Corinthians are second.

It should also be noted that there was something unusual in the game: Judge Wheeler Fulhansio Santos did not notice a slight change in the substitution of Santos and allowed the team Baiessada to play 13 to 15 minutes in the second half with 12 players on the pitch.

With a win in the classic alvinegro, Corinthians reached 18 points in 18 games played in the Women's Paulista, leading not only Group 2 (with six points in second place) but also the overall ranking.

The game

The Corinthians, led by assistant technician Rodrigo Iglesias, were thrown with: Lle, Katiusha, Erica, Sparrow, and Juliet; Grazi, Gabi Zanotti and Adriana; Giovanna Krivelari, Milene and Gabi Nunes. Maximum force in Timon to confront the saints.

Baixada's rival entered the field with mixed zooming. And … Corinthians dictated the pace the first time in Pacambubu! Shortly after five minutes, Krivellars got the Zanoti throw and made a wide goal. At 30, Crivelari this time started the move and play for Millene, who found Adriana well positioned to make the second Timon.

On returning the interval, Santos puts some of his usual owners in the box and balances the scene. At the moment of the blackout of Corinthians, in just two minutes, the rivals finished the match: Maria Dias and Viliamizar defeated goalkeeper Llele.

Nothing the gunner Gabi Nunez can decide! Making his 11th goal of the season, the Corinthian striker has risen more than everyone else in the big area after crossing Marseille and heading for the victory of Timo: 3 to 2 in the Pacambubo play!

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