Friday , August 19 2022

Council of Deputies rejects appeal and maintains administrative proceedings against Deltan Dallagnol | politics


There was no discussion between the directors. The case was considered en bloc when several cases were analyzed together.

The prosecutor is responding to an open disciplinary process following formal representation by Minister Diaz Tofoli, the current Chief Justice.

Dallagnol interviewed CBN radio on August 15, 2018, criticizing the STF Second Class ruling. A day earlier, the class had ordered the transfer of Odebrecht's awarded terms from Federal Justice in Curitiba to Federal and Electoral Justice in the DF. The material was about former President Lula and former Minister Guido Montague.

In an interview, Dalanol said that the ministers who voted in favor of the decision (Diaz Tofoli, Gilmar Mendes and Ricardo Lewandowski) formed a "click" and sent a message of "very strong leniency in favor of corruption".

"It is sad now to see that the Supreme, even knowing the system and remembering the decision is 3 to 1, the same three always STFs who take everything from Curitiba and send everything to Electoral Justice and who always give the habes corps they always form click, so send a very strong message of leniency in favor of corruption, "he said at the time.

In April this year, the CNMP plenary majority approved Orlando Rochadel's correction decision to open the process. Against that referendum, Delton presented the so-called embargo on a declaration to suspend investigations, an appeal denied on Tuesday.

During Tuesday's session, two councilors also called for a review of an individual decision taken by CNMP corrector Orlando Rochelle.

He filed a disciplinary complaint in June against Republican Attorney Delton Dalanolnoll and other members of the Lava Jato Task Force, who reportedly alleged a "functional violation" due to a messaging message reported by the Interceptor.

The complaint was made at the request of CNMP Advisers Luis Fernando Bandeira de Melo, Gustavo Rosha, Eric Venancio Nasimento and Leonardo Asioli da Silva, but it was eventually filed two weeks later.

The "request for a review of the monocratic decision", made Tuesday by Accioly and Erick Venancio, will be circulated to a new rapporteur. It is up to him to consider the request and submit his opinion during the vote in plenary.

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