Thursday , July 29 2021

Danilo Gentili complains a lot after David Brazil's car is scratched

Danilo Gents
Danilo Gentilli blown out after Image of Reproduction (SBT)

Danilo Gents uses Twitter to swear a long way later David Brazil his car was crossed by the word "racist," on Wednesday night (24). The case happened shortly after a discussion between the organizer, Gominho and Preta Gil.

– See what they did with David Brazil! These are intolerance, threats, homophobia and vandalism of good. What a son of a bitch!, shot host to Night, sharing the video in which David commented on the risks.

Controversially, Danilo Gentili referred to the comments made by Preta and Gomini after the "favorite" of celebrities like Neimar and Anita made a controversial post.

Yesterday, Gominho posted a photo along with former BBBs Hana, Rodrigo and Gabriela and wrote: – Do you know this set of black lives ??? So … They are important, yes! " The post eventually won a comment from David, who considered himself a racist. "All the lives matter, dear! Everything! Regardless of color, race or religion "he asked.

After seeing his friend's comment, Preta Gil spoke. "David, when you go into my house to talk, and I'll give you some books to read? If you accidentally wrote it, it's not funny! I have long told you to think or to be informed, to talk to your friends, to me before you write nonsense that hurt many of you! I'm here ", she writes, which she then erases.

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