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Eric decides that Botafogo wins the Sun of America and is approaching a vacant space

Botafogo won the first battle for a place in the eighth round of the South American Cup. Alviso won the Sun of America in Luigi Alfonso Gianni in Paraguay, with Alvaro Ferrari beating the Sun of America on Wednesday, 1-0, while striker Eric scored a goal in the 27th minute in the second half.

The return game will be held next Wednesday at 19:15 (Brazil) in Nilton Santos. Before, on Saturday, Eduardo Barroca's team received Palmeiras de Felipe for the sixth round of the Brazilian Championship.

The glory was scared
The modest Luis Alfonso Gianni stadium was not America's Sun boiler, but the owners of the house had the greatest initiative to attack at the start of the match. Botafogo has had difficulty in linking with the attack and creating offensive games and missed passes. That is how Alvinogro took the first fear in Villa Elisabeta. On the wrong turn, Carly retreated, the ball exploded into Villagra and headed for the area, and Gabriel tried to leave but hit his opponent. Clar adorned the rhythm with a blow and struck the cross beam.

Few chances
Even after the shock, Botafogo continued to wish. The midfielder was struggling with his lack of performance and Leo Valencia's lack of creativity. At 31, striker Pardo received the second yellow for the missing Fernando. With an additional person, Barroca's team had more power but could not be effective. The only chance for Alvinero to come in just 47 when Diego Susa stopped Escobar after receiving Cicero.

I came back better
Botafogo started the second half better, creating more chances than in the first. Diego Sousa, on the head, nearly opened the jump, but Clar rescued the line. Alex Santana jumped out of the will. The sun could no longer articulate plays and reach the target of Kitty in danger.

The artillery cancels
And with so much insistence, Alvinogro was finally compensated by the effort. At 27, when crossing left, Escobar broke up and Eric did not forgive. In the volleyball, the striker made his fourth goal in South America and took the insulated artillery of the race.

I suffer in the end
With advantage, Barroca took Le Valencia and started Jean to reinforce the brand. However, the strategy collapsed rapidly. Two minutes into the field, the rudder put his hand in Villagra's face before the judge and was driven out. The Paraguayers pressed the last minutes without much organization. Botta resisted and brought in his luggage an important advantage for the home game on Wednesday.


Date / Time: 22.05.2019 at 19:15 (From Brazil)
place: Luis Alfonso Gianni Stadium (PAR)
lawn: good
Public / Income: He is not informed
Judge: German Delfino (FIFA / ARG) Note L! – 6.5 – controlled the match well and was successful in the expulsion of Pardo
assistants: Lucas Germanotta (FIFA / ARG) and Pablo Gonzalez (FIFA / ARG)
Yellow cards: Pardo (SOL); Fernando, Cicero (BOT)
Red card: Pardo, 31 & amp; 1ºT (SOL), Jean, 40 & lt; / 2ºT (BOT)
Goals: Eric (27 & lt; / RTI & gt; / 2ºT, 0-1)

AMERICA-PAR SUN: Escobar; Velázquez (Acuña, Interval), Milciades Portillo, Villalba and Clar; Edgar Ferreira, Frees (Richard Franco, 11 & amp; 2ºT), Ruiz Diaz (Otazú, 22 & amp; 2ºT) and Jurdan; Pardo and Villagra. Technical: Javier Sanguinetti.

Botafogo: Gatito Fernández; Fernando, Joel Carly, Gabriel and Gilson; Alex Santana, Cisaro (Luis Fernando, 24th / 2ºT), Jean Paulo (Gustavo Bocheca, 23 & 2ºT) and Leonardo Valencia (Jean, 38 & 2ºT); Eric and Diego Susa. Coach: Eduardo Barrot

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