Monday , October 18 2021

Esmael's Blog | Former ministers have released a manifesto against dismantling public health


16th National Health Conference

Treated and understood by the current government as an expense rather than an investment, public health has been destroyed in favor of private interests, with immeasurable consequences for the well-being of most Brazilians.

"Health as a Value of Solidarity, the Right to Citizenship and the State Duty have never been as threatened as at this political moment in Brazil," warns six former health ministers in the SUS, Health and Democracy: Challenges to Brazil manifesto on Monday afternoon (5) to the President of the National Board of Health, Fernando Zaso Pigato, in Brazil.

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Humberto Costa, Jose Saraiva Felipe, Jose Agenario Alvarez da Silva, Jose Gomez of a society that wants to guarantee "equality, social justice and democracy".

Former ministers have warned that treating business health management, as the Bolsonroro government wants, will compromise the quality of life and endanger the safety of citizens and families.

In addition to undermining the interests of the majority, the demand to eliminate the universal character of SUS and to reduce it to a simply "simpler provider of care for the poor" is to ignore the role of health-related activities – services, medicines, vaccines and equipment. – which represent about 8.5% of GDP.

These activities also include strategic innovation sectors – information technology, biotechnology, microelectronics, fine chemistry, nanotechnology. They represent 10% of officially qualified jobs, with around 9.5 million Brazilians employed in 2015.

Although they want improvements and improvements, public health policies in Brazil have gained international recognition in the last 30 years. Much progress has been made, such as significant reductions in infant mortality, AIDS / hepatitis programs, the creation of SAMU and the implementation of psychiatric reform, the FHS and National Immunization Policy (PNI). ).

Read the full manifesto:

SUS Manifesto, Health and Democracy.

The information is from RT in the Senate.

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