Thursday , October 28 2021

Find out how easy to recover deleted messages from WhatsApp


Curious to see this deleted message from one of your WhatsApp? Or are you the one always sorry and running out? Well, functionality has its days, at least on the computer!

An extension that can be added to the Google Chrome browser automatically shows what is written in the message the sender has chosen to censor. The tool is free and easy to use: just add it to your browser and use your application as usual.

WA Web Plus and is available from Chrome Web Store, the tool saves sent texts and allows you to read conversations even after they have been deleted. The extension action leaves no trace and one will never know that the messages have been viewed. This feature works for any chat saved in the conversation list, whether private or in groups.

Although simple and working well, the tool does not apply to smartphones and is entirely focused on accessing a computer in WhatsApp Web mode.

More features

The extension also offers privacy features for your users: you can blur the latest messages, photos, names and conversations on your computer screen. That is, this sneak peek at his colleague's computer is gone.

Other free features include night mode, which dims the screen for use at night, turning on the Facebook Messenger "Like" button, and the ability to customize the background.

Learn how to use.

  • Step 1: Visit the Extension Download Page WA Web Plus and click "Use in Chrome" to prepare the download;
Google Chrome / Playback
  • Step 2: Select the "Add Extension" option to download and install the tool in Chrome;
Google Chrome / Playback

Step 3: Check the extension icon and click on the "WhatsApp Web" link in the extension presentation window. At this point WhatsApp Web will launch in the browser;

Google Chrome / Playback

Step 4: Select and activate the privacy and customization options to your preference;

Google Chrome / Playback

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