Tuesday , March 21 2023

Flamengo launches a note admitting "misconception" after announcing Libertadores' final equality – Flamengo – News, signatures, games and standings



An e-mail addressed to Flamengo supporters gave us a call last Thursday (01). This is because, after qualifying for the quarterfinals of the Libertadores de America, the club would send out ticket information for a ticket to the finals of the race, which will be held in Chile. Hours later, Red Black acknowledged the mistake and asked associates not to pay attention to the message.

The draw was announced in partnership with a travel agency and will be held after a semi-divisional dispute over the continental competition, according to the publication. After admitting the mistake, Fla said in a statement that he could take such action at the "right time".

See the statement below:

"Supporter member, you just received an incorrectly sent email. Flamengo informs that there is no existing partnership or promotion involving games of Conmebol Libertadores. If the club understands the need for such action, it will be notified at the appropriate time.".

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In turn, the lot message was sent incorrectly:The Nation-Red-Black program, together with our official agency, will assist TORCEDOR to accompany our team in the next stages of Libertadores, starting with Porto Alegre. […] To show our confidence in Mengao, after the semi-finals, we will draw Supporter + 01, who will cheer for Flamengo at the finals in Santiagosaid the action.

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This is not the first time in the year that Flamengo departments do not speak the same language as the club's football portfolio. A similar situation has recently taken place in connection with an official note issued by Red-Black that praises winning the Florida Cup, a friendly tournament played in the United States earlier this season.

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