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Flamengo wins rivals in the dispute over Rafina

Flamengo has already determined what positions are missing for the season and sent leaders Markos Brass and Bruno Spindel to Europe to seek reinforcements. The main goals are Bayern München's Rafina and Philippe Lewis from Atletico Madrid. They are both contractually and the possible hiring would not cost the club.

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Rafina has already confirmed that she has spoken to the red-black leaders. The arrival of the right back was seen optimistically by the board. However, the recent interest of major European clubs such as Internazionale and Benfica to hinder Flamengo's arrival.

As for Philippe Lewis, the situation is more complex. His left back still has a market in Europe and said his priority was renewing the contract with Atletico Madrid. PSG, however, recently showed interest in relying on the player.

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Besides the parties, the red-black leaders are looking for a defender. The names of Jemerson, who are currently in Monaco, and Bruno Viana of Braga came to blow, but nobody received confirmation from the Flemish Council.

In the Flamengo field he is preparing to face Atletico-MG on Saturday (May 18th) at 19:00 in Independence, for the 5th round of the Brazilian Championship.

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