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Among the midsize compact sedans, the Japanese dominate, though this segment has lost its prominence on SUVs. The new generation of Corolla will debut in September. Civic, the runner up, is now revived. The third is Cruze, whose 2020 model has just been introduced with half-generation modifications, while still priceless, is probably looking forward to Toyota's strategy.

The new Cruze is easily recognizable by its upper grille, front bumper, tail lights and alloy wheels. It brings the triumph of freedom in the air with the built-in internet option via Wi-Fi for up to seven users, as well as outside the vehicle at a distance of 15 meters. So far, this has not been possible in Brazil, except for the rudimentary experience about six years ago of GM itself (in Agile) or the adaptation of accessories.

The multimedia center has its own integrated chip. The data plan agreed between the manufacturer and operator Claro starts at 2GB for R $ 29.00 / month. The 5, 10 and 20 GB packages will be announced by next month. Up to two phones will have access to the system through independent USB ports.

A dedicated antenna greatly improves cellular signaling, especially on roads where vehicle speeds impair the quality of the connection. You can now use the navigation app and maintain your voice calls quality. OnStar concierge services are not yet mandatory.

Finishing work and materials have increased, especially in Premier Premier. There is now an automatic brake system with pedestrian and other vehicle recognition, as well as induction charging of mobile phones and a digital reversing camera.

Mechanically unheard of, a turbocharged engine and six-speed automatic transmission ensure a good performance / fuel ratio. The Cruze Sport6 ​​hatchback version remains online.

Another topic aroused interest last week, the 29th Fenabrava Congress held in Sao Paulo. One of the main topics was the expectation about turning the Economic Freedom (LE) MP into law. On Tuesday, August 13, the House of Representatives approved the main text with a huge margin of 345 in favor and only 76 against. It is believed that the Senate should not make any modifications.

For those who buy and for those who sell cars, the rebound is very positive. In addition to allowing work on Sunday, banks were allowed to work on Saturday. Weekends are the best trading days in the industry and this can help sales. More than 7,000 dealerships of all types of vehicles, including motorcycles and machines, have always supported more freedom to make buyers' lives easier.

One of the highlights of the congress-related exhibit was the Wings device of Pernambuco. Allows you to record information about your car's operation, send it online, and schedule dealer support directly through the app. Saving time is appropriate. Also from this angle, ConectCar's automatic toll payment and parking system can be installed directly in stores, but the fee is converted into credits.

Improving services has been a major focus of the sector. The iCarros digital platform Garage of Knowledge initiative, supported by Itaú, now allows for distance learning. For Ricardo Bonzo, CEO of the company, "personalizing customer service and exceeding customer desires becomes essential in a business as competitive and demanding as vehicle marketing."

High wheel

BMW is organizing the Interlagos Track M Festival as part of its strategy to further design its high-performance label. It had 3,000 guests, 26 cars on the track and 1,100 tests in three days. It will import another 10 M (Motorsport) options over the next 18 months. The German brand is the leader in the Brazilian market for premium and high-end brands.

Between them BMW models offered at Interlagos, debutants Z4 M40i / 340 bhp (R $ 386,950) and X2 M35i / 306 hp (R $ 313,950). The first is impressed by the acceleration, cornering performance and complete driver control. The second introduced the predictable limitations of the SUV, but allowed it to drive quickly and without fear in such a challenging chain.

Honda Civic 2020 received light restylation. Accent for new front bumper, 17 inch wheels. with 10 beams of beautiful visuals and a bit of discreet chrome. It is also better equipped: automatic headlamp switching, tire pressure monitor and induction charger for mobile phones. Prices range from $ 97,900 to $ 112,600; Tour, $ 134,900.

seventeen Years after the opening of the Fiat Style Center, the FCA has invested an additional $ 11.4 million to expand and integrate Latam Design Center with its current facilities in Turin, Detroit and Shanghai. From Betim (MG), new products, including the Jeep and RAM brands, will target the Latin American market. Among the few SUVs, a larger Ram pickup is expected than the Toro.

Chevrolet Cruze 2020
Chevrolet Cruze 2020
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