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Game of Thrones: Spoiler tensão no casamento by Kit Harington and Rose Leslie; saiba quem falou demais

Você é casada com o próprio Jon Snow of "Game of Thrones" It feels as if you are more than a lot of people who want to be in the middle of the day. Are you sure that you are curious about your destiny? It is the case that it is a matter of urgency Rose Leslie, que interpretou Ygritte por três temporadas on the history of Sera. Kit Harington des julho 2018.

It is also the case that the desperation of the protagonists is the base of the series of gestures George R. R. Martin, and you have a lot of entreaties that you have a lot of fictitious tons of furioso com spoiler in the series of que ficou três dias sem falar com ele.

And history does not matter, no entanto. Rose ficou de fato muito brava com a boca aberta de Kit. The weekly magazine Entertainment Weekly, which is an explanation of the Snow Entreprise, is a temporary exibidative of 2017, a sétima.


"I do not know that we are a femdom, but I am aware of the fact that I am temporarily in the meantime," he said.


Kit contou SPOILER gigante para a mulher, mas, não vamos repetir a mancada para quem ainda não chegou à sétima temporada. Falaremos apenas que Jon Snow revelou and Ygritte como a barreira entre os White Walkers e Westeros foi quebrada !!!

"I do not know what to do, but I do not know what to do."

Ela thambemi disse que nu ficou sem falar com ele todo esse tempo. "The exaggerated sheets are very simple, and they are very easy to see.

The oitava is the last time "Game of Thrones" estreia em 14 abril on HBO.

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