Friday , December 3 2021

Game World of Warships: Legends is coming out of early access with a new update


World of Warships: Legends continues with the new update that marks the full release of the game. In a statement, Sony revealed details of the title on Monday (12).

A storm of new content in the form of German cruisers and destroyers has reached the players and now the legendary German battleships are accessible through early access mechanics for the players for the Tirpitz Hunt campaign.

"World of Warships: Legends puts Tirpitz in the highest Class VII in the game. He is also the only torpedo battleship in this order, a powerful and surprising addition to his weapon. The only other Torpedo battleship is Gneisenau, his German satellite. Level VI, which will introduce early access to this update ".

Through the new Hunt for Tirpitz campaign, players will earn additional rewards, equipment and more commanders to help them reach the legendary Tirpitz. "Seven German admirals are here to help command new ships, including Franz Hyper, Maximilian von Speh and Reinhard Scheer."

The world of warships reproduction

Commanders lead their ships in battle, increasing their effectiveness with various bonuses. Players have access to seven country commanders, each specializing in a particular class of ship, as well as offering versatile skills for different play styles.

Players are free to test commanders and their skills as switching is free. In addition, each commander can take as many ships of the same nationality as the player chooses to battle. Commanders can also "inspire" each other by offering their basic skills in combination with those of the active commander, giving them even more bonuses.

The game has seven levels of ships, divided into four nations and three classes, plus 28 unique commanders to guide them. Ship classes offer a variety of play styles:

  • Destroyers are quick and hidden threats of concern for enemies. They come equipped with powerful smoke bombs and torpedoes, allowing them to put deadly traps on enemies. Destroyers also have a fast weapon of low caliber, which allows them to be very capable in the right hands.
  • Cruisers are the most versatile warships and can both detect and punish destroyers and dribble battleships. However, ambulances can destroy any cruiser in no time if their captain is not careful. Cruisers use powerful, medium-caliber weapons capable of eliminating destroyers, creating fires and penetrating combat weaknesses.
  • On-board ships trade speed and maneuverability for firepower, making them capable of bringing down a cruiser with one side attack. Warships can also do a lot of damage, making them ideal for protecting your team members when needed.

There are virtually limitless choices about how you can access World of Warships: Legends. Fight in a realistic environment with breathtaking lighting and HDR support. Or join & # 39; Hunt for Tirpitz & # 39; to out-compete. "

Although the new campaign and the arrival of German ships are the main attractions of the launch, players will still face other challenges.

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