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Google is overhauling the Play Games with a redesigned start and new divisions


In technology business, upgrades and improvements are always welcome. This time, the conversion was Google Play Games, according to information from the US portal 9to5Google. This online gaming service was first announced in 2013 during Google I / O of the year in question. The application was officially launched on July 24, 2014.

Unlike the 2018 update, where the app took on a dark theme to restore the user’s look and extend battery life, as well as settings related to the brand’s material theme, the intention now is to make improvements to the format. how to organize Play Games. That way, there will be changes to the home and tabs that surround the most important parts of the Android app.

Major changes to Google Play Games

In general, the application design consolidates the main sections in the bottom bar. To the update, the "account" category is now an app section, more specifically the fourth one, and no longer belongs to the upper right corner of the application bar as it once was:

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Current version of Google Play Games, not yet updated version of the app (Photo: 9to5Google)

Therefore, the new version of Play Games is investing in divisions and divisions to support the functionality of the apps and make it easier for the user. From this updated version of the mobile games app, you can see that the "My Games" tab is divided into "Home" and "Library" with a cut of icons that no longer occupy the main view of the app is eligible for a feed change, which offers Instant Preferred, Extended Play, and other content such as "the first three must have games" cards, something that makes the usability of the player who wants to return to the game much easier. ever.

New version of Google Play Games by 9to5Google (Photo: 9to5Google)

To be fair, the Home tab replaces the old Arcade tab in this Play Games redesign. A remnant of Google Discover, this section lets you browse embedded games and other features. This way, the user in question is much more likely to interact and navigate if that channel is already the main section they open.

In the meantime, the Library – formerly at the bottom of My Games – is its own guide from now on, making immediate access to a dense list of applications much more convenient than before. by redesigning Google Play Games, then it's worth noting that the changes are coming to provide speed to the audience using the app.

One thing to note is that the news section for the game remains unchanged along with Profile. There is a slight visual setting where the Games icon and title are no longer in the application bar on most screens. Other parts, including game pages and preferences, remained the same through this navigation reorganization.

This rework comes with a version of Google Play Games 2019.07.11661, released last Wednesday (31) but not yet completed, so it is not yet accessible to users.

Source: 9to5Google

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