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Google records everything you bought online – and you do not know it

It's no secret that Google has a lot of information about people, but according to what CNBC said on Friday (17), the search giant seems to have much more data for you than you think. This is because the US newspaper has confirmed that there is a page called "Purchases" in the Google users' account where they record online purchases and even purchases made elsewhere.

Journalist Todd Rasselton noted that there are recordings of deals at least from 2012. He said he was buying products using services or applications like Amazon, DoorDash or Seamless or stores like Macy's but never directly through Google. He also says that even if the purchase is not made using the Google website because the digital receipts go to Gmail, the company has a huge list of information about their buying habits.

Todd Rasselton Shopping List Saved in "Shopping" (Photo: CNBC)

A company spokeswoman told CNBC that the site was designed to help users easily view and track their purchases, bookings and subscriptions in one place, and that can only be seen by the user. It also states that you can delete this information at any time. The spokesman also said that Gmail messages were not used to show ads.

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Despite these allegations, Todd reported that the process of excluding the shopping list is extremely difficult. He explains that removing multiple items ends with e-mails related to them, resulting in loss of revenue. If a person wants to store receipts and exclude data only from the Purchases page, they need to enter details for each item to perform this operation, which may take an incredibly long time.

Another issue the journalist faces is the contradiction between Google's privacy policy and what's happening in practice. According to search giant documents, the order information can also be stored in other Google services, so you can exclude them from the My Activities page. However, the Google Activity Control Page does not allow a person to manage the data stored in the Purchases.

This way, even a company that claims not to use or sell the data stored in "Purchases" is strange that this page is not revealed by Google and can not even manage it easily. About the poll, Google told CNBC that it was trying to simplify the settings to make it easier to control.

Source: The Verge, CNBC

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