Friday , August 19 2022

Guedes: MP to Liberdade is a conceptual change belonging to desired reforms – ÉPoca BUSINESS


Minister for the Economy, Paulo Guedes (Photo by Fabio Rodrigues Pozzebom / Agência Brasil)

The Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, said on Monday (12/08) that interim measure 881 of "Economic freedom", is a conceptual change that is part of the reforms the current government wants to make. The text is expected to be voted on Tuesday (13/08) in plenary House of Representatives, "The President Jairus Bolsonaro he has always said in the campaign that he would remove the country from the "Congo" of its citizens, "Guides said in a debate on the deputy popularized by the EU Supreme Court (STJ).

Guedes defends the lawmaker, which he says reduces state bureaucracy for entrepreneurs to start businesses and gives more legal certainty to businesses. "No one can be banned from starting a business. This must be resolved immediately. Nations that harassed businessmen have fallen apart economically," he said, citing the example of Venezuela.

The minister repeated much of his usual speech and again attacked the opposition of the country, alliances and previous governments. "The same ones that hinder reforms are pointing to current unemployment. This is 40 years of discontent with driving, holding back economic growth," Guedes said. "Unionism was born to retain its own benefits in closed market regimes," he added.

For the minister, what guarantees the functioning of democracies is independence between forces, just as markets also operate in a decentralized manner.

While Peronism won primaries in Argentina this weekend, Guedes is still critical of the neighboring country's political group. "Argentina was once the sixth per capita income in the world and only sank after peronism," Gides said.

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